Macs Trax Seatrial

Macs Traxs shows her starboard aft quarter.

Macs Trax Bilge

Macs Trax in progress with running gear and mechanical systems removed.

Macs Trax Forward Cabin Before

New corner posts had to be fitted due to rot.

Macs Trax Missing Transom

The entire transom was replaced.

Macs Trax Seat Layout

A new rear seat and fuel tank were fabricated and fitted.

Macs Trax Forward Cabin After

A new face and corner post installed.

Macs Trax Running Gear

The redesigned bilge with running gear installed.

Macs Trax Overhead

Work nearing completion. Engine wiring in progress as well as final prepping of all wood on the boat.

Macs Trax Transom

Her newly installed transom and name.

Macs Trax Aft View

The distinctive and extreme shape of Macs Traxs.

Macs Trax at speed

Sea trials on a cold spring day.

Macs Trax complete

Awaiting customer pickup, the Forrest Johnson yacht cuts a striking profile.